?PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an online advertising method which allows you to show up when people search for your specific business on top of google search. We believe a simple objective requires a simple solution. Our approach focuses on delivering our client a return on investment (ROI) by driving forward an increase in leads.

You may have noticed that when you do an online search on a search engine the results at the top and on the right-hand side of the page have a little tag that says ‘ad’ to differentiate these sponsored ads from the organic results. It is worth noting that it has been indicated that over 50% of Google Search users cannot differentiate Paid from Organic Listings.

Businesses bid on keywords relevant to their business, product and/or service and when someone enters a search term into a search engine that matches the keywords the business has bid on, the ad is triggered and will be displayed. Where the ad is displayed on the results page depends on a number of factors such as the bid amount and the relevancy of the ad.

We have experienced PPC advertising professionals who can help you to understand what pay-per-click advertising can do for your business, as well as carefully managing and optimising any existing campaigns. Our team of Google Adwords Search specialists always look forward to implementing this marketing method for our clients however, we are also equipped to deal with display advertising, mobile advertising and retargeting. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to drive your business forward via PPC.

We can help you to achieve increased visibility and instant profits by producing clear and concise reports that analyze the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns, as well as conducting a thorough website review to highlight areas that could be improved upon, thus optimizing your investment and ensuring a great return.




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