Social media advertising has changed the world and it is definitely here to stay on into our futures. What once was a way to keep in touch with friends and family has become one of the best ways to market products and services. There are over 2.2 Billion monthly active Facebook users, that’s a whole lot of audience to connect with.

Take a quick look around you, social media is everywhere and a huge part of our daily existence whether we like it or not. People are standing in line and looking at their phones, riding the bus and staring at a screen, drinking coffee at a cafe and updating their statuses. Print media advertising has long gone and the only way to advance in business is to change with the times. Facebook and Google are one of the biggest and most popular platforms for digital advertising spend.


Facebook has managed to be one of the biggest platforms because it appeals to everyone with a range of different ages and way of life. Of course it is one of the easiest ways for friends and family to keep in touch but it also is the biggest platform for users to keep up to date with news and events, exchanges ideas, find new goods and services and connect with the brands that they already love.


For these reasons, there are huge audiences that you are able to reach through Facebook. Your business is able to gain information about your potential customers including how they spend, how much they earn, what they are doing and where they are going, who their family is and what they are interested in. You can really hone in on the right target audience for your brand and your marketing which could narrow down the amount of work you need to do in order to gain a sale.


Instead of blindly entering into the Facebook advertising realm, it is important to first learn about the strategies you can use to ensure your marketing efforts are successful. Most people make the mistake of jumping in, head first, and spending a smaller amount of money for a conversion rate that may not even be that profitable. Instead, you should research into the best way your brand could utilize Facebook advertising and set up a high quality advertisement or plan to capture your audience.


For example, using the funnel technique, your brand could focus on gaining customer emails instead of a straight up sale. This technique may require more wait time, but once your have these email addresses you could send out a mass automated drop email campaign for free and get more conversions than just the few you would have gotten.


Now you have the customers information off of Facebook, and this can be very powerful when utilized correctly.


Facebook was a game changer in advertising and will continue to stir things up in the future, jumping on the bandwagon early means you can truly understand how social media can greatly benefit your brand and your sales.




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